Crazy times

What we have experienced in the last weeks can be described as a crazy ride on a roller coaster.
From the first announcement that the community edition of OTRS in version 6 is end-of-life,
the decision to create our own LTS variant to ensure continued support for our customers and the community and
about the announcement of the original vendor to completely withdraw from the Open Source environment
and to disable all repositories on GitHub and download servers.
Suddenly we are now a vendor, and former competitors working now together with us. A huge change in just 3 months.


Why we forked

In April 2018 OTRS AG announced (LINK 1) a change to the release strategy for the product OTRS, for which Znuny GmbH predominantly offers services.

The previously publicly-available product OTRS, consisting of OTRS and the OTRS Business Solution, was rebranded and renamed “OTRS” and “((OTRS)) Community Edition”, respectively.

The branch that formerly operated as “Business Edition” would move forward as “OTRS”. This change took place with the release of OTRS 7 on November 18, 2018.

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