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Znuny Professional Services

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork with long-term Support (LTS)

Znuny 6.3.1 and Znuny LTS 6.0.40 available

Znuny 6.3.1 has arrived and introduces new features

The third feature release Znuny 6.3.1 is now available for download.
Besides the update of some dependencies and bug fixes new feature were added.

  • OAuth Token authentication for e-mail accounts
  • Enhanced functionality for bulk actions
  • Create tickets based on appointment calendar entries
  • Added global / process related scope to process management entities
  • Proper formatted Excel reports for dates, numbers and text
  • Alternative input type for accounted times

All updated dependencies and bug fixes are also part of Znuny LTS 6.0.40.

A detailed list of the changes is available at GitHub (Znuny LTS 6.0.40/Znuny 6.3.1)

Feature overview

OAuth authentication for e-mail accounts

Some e-mail provider require the new authentication method where OAuth token are used.
To access your e-mail accounts via IMAP and POP3 and to use SMTP with these provider we added our own implementation.

More information is available in our manual.

Enhanced funcionality for bulk action

Starting with version 6.3 it is also possible to set services and dynamic fields with the bulk action feature.

Create ticket with the appointment calendar

Many of our support customers are already using our feature add-on to create tickets based on appointment calendar entries. They use this to create tickets for regular maintenance tasks, repetitive or administrative tasks.
It is now possible to create one, or more, tickets with every single appointment calendar entry. And before you ask: you can also start a specific process ticket.

Global / process scop for process management entities

The built-in process management becomes more and more popular. This is the reason why we already added so many feature for it. If you are one of the power users of this feature, you have most likely figured it out: With each added process, it gets harder to keep track of which dialog, transition action, etc. is used in which process.

To assist you it is now possible to configure a scope for the entities

  • activity,
  • activity dialog,
  • transition and
  • transition action

Scopes means you choose between global and process related. Global entities behave like you already knows it, available for every process. Process related scope keep the entity only available to one process.

A filter which scope you like to see for each entity type you will save time and be able to focus on the one process you're working on.

Proper formatted Excel reports (dates, numbers, texts)

This is our most popular add-on, if not the most popular. This feature formats the output of MS Excel reports. It was not always possible to use values for dates, numbers, etc. 1:1 in Excel. Often, the files required manually changes to column formats which prevented the fast creation of reports.

This feature enables you to process ticket lists without any further changes to get proper configured values. Steps like export data as CSV and import them to have each field properly formatted are not necessary anymore.

Alternative input type for accounted time

This is also an integration of one our existing feature add-ons. Until now the accounted time feature used a simple input field. This can be replaced with up to three select fields. The configuration is done via the system configuration. This helps to prevent errors and support your agents with e.g. preselected values for specific tasks.

Will there be a new LTS version?

"Will there be a new LTS version?"
This is an often asked question we received during the last time.
The answer is simple: yes, we plan a new long term support (LTS) version.
According the current planning, the last 6.x version becomes the next LTS version and will be supported for two years again.

An updated roadmap for the current and next year will be released end of April, beginning of May.
This roadmap will have to main changes:
1.) There will be an end-of-life overview for the versions to assist you with your own maintenance and change planning.
2.) We will remove the release dates and publish only the release months. We've learned from the past releases that it is not always possible to be on time and have all announced features ready. We received justified critics after we changed some release dates because users relied on them.

Community - Updated manual and contribution guidelines

Last month, our Community Manager Shawn completely revised and refreshed the developer documentation.

In addition, an updated Contributing.md was released, which includes our guidelines for
for collaboration on the project.
Here we described our approach to handling bugs, support and feature requests.
In addition, best practices for collaboration have been explained.

In order not to lose clarity, we have created a separate GitHub repository for feature requests.
GitHub repository for feature requests. Without affecting the issue overview in the main project, feature requests can be submitted there.

The Contributing.md[Contributing.md] describes how to use it.

These changes are based on feedback we have received from the community and is a first version. There will be enhancements and changes during the next time. If you think something is missing just let us know, your input is welcome.

Our goal is to increase the transparency of our work, to define expectations and to avoid misunderstandings during processing.

Update: New user interface

The implementation of the updated user interface has already started. After a long search we found a reliable and capable partner and will work with us over the next years. Together we started the evolutionery development on the new user interface.

After a long discussion, we decided against a "big bang" and in favor of an evolutionary renewal. In the first step, most of the functions and layout will be retained.
In each major version, we will continue to update and adapt the interface.

Since nearly a decade passed without larger changes we're conviced this approach is the right one to meet the needs of as many users as possible.

A preview of the new user interface will be avaiable by September.