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Znuny Professional Services

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork with long-term Support (LTS)


This page is our roadmap for the next 4 feature releases of the Znuny ticketing solution. It describes most of the steps we have planned for the next 365 days. We leave a few details out here, maybe there will be one or the other surprise ;)

It is created to the best of our knowledge and belief. But things can also change. That's life and also the business we are in here. Our team does its best to implement the planned topics according to plan. So if something should be postponed or change in content, we will highlight it here accordingly and announce it through the known channels: forum, newsletter, Discord).

Release content and cycles (non-LTS)

We plan releases in 12-week cycles for feature releases. Patchlevel updates will be releases in between, with bug and security fixes and contributions from the community. Every feature releases will be dedicated to a specific topic, but may also contain changes in other areas.

The feature version will be start with version 6.1.1.


This roadmap currently does not contain any user contributions or pull requests. These are recorded dynamically and then mentioned with each release.

Documentation (non-LTS)

All new features will be described in a new documentation. This documentation will be available with the first release. The existing documentation won't be changed right now.

New UI

One point is deliberately missing from this roadmap: a new user interface (UI). We need enough time here to find a good partner. A fresh user interface is a complicated and important piece of the project. We have to consider many aspects and we take the time it takes:

  • Accessibility, especially for screen reader
  • Performance
  • Planned transition for the current UI to a new, fresh one to enable all users an easy change
  • Choice of technology

The times when you simply polish the CSS and then finish are long gone. Many existing software products have successfully failed to take this step. We like to get it right and check off our list of topics for the UI as extensively as possible.


Znuny 6.1.1

(exp. 2021-08-04)

Web service/Connectivity

General features

  • Improved REST interface
    1. sending ticket data (invoker)
    2. Time Accounting endpoint
    3. Token auth
    4. Out-of-office endpoint
  • Example web service connectors
    1. Mattermost and Slack
    2. MS Teams
    3. Twilio SMS
    4. Znuny 2 Znuny
  • Dynamic field backend for web services
  • Web service notification backend

New commercial add-ons

  • Auth sync backend for web services
  • Customer company backend for web service
  • Customer user backend for web services

Additional functionality:

  • MySQL 8 support
  • More dynamic field backends
  • "Last viewed" quick access
  • Improved dynamic field handling
  • Extended proxy support
  • and more...
+6 Weeks

Znuny 6.1.2

(exp. 2021-09-29)


+6 Wochen

Znuny 6.2.1

(exp. 2021-10-27)

Automation/Process management

Improved process management

  • Ticket state change incl. pending time
  • A lot of new availble actions
    1. Set pending time from a dynamic field
    2. Set an empty value for a dynamic field
    3. Increment a given integer value for a dynamic field
    4. Set a watcher for a ticket
    5. Create and send articles
    6. Create appointments
    7. Add links to other objects
    8. Change deployment state of a CI
  • Enhanced operands for transition actions
  • Define where your process should jump to next
  • Send a notification, even if there is no first article
  • Change current process within the ticket

Ticket attribute relations

Create a releation between ticket attributes and other fields. So more complex scenarios can be created.

Read-only dynamic fields for processes

Create read-only dynamic fields to be shown to the user.

+6 Wochen

Znuny 6.2.2

(exp. 2021-12-15)


+6 Wochen

Znuny 6.3.1

(exp. 2022-02-09)

Service desk/Reporting

Service/Help desk

  • Generate dynamic views based on ticket/user criteria
  • Show my own tickets
  • Improved templates
  • Advanced bulk actions
  • Calendar based ticket creation
  • More useful dynamic field backends


  • A lot of our Grafana templates incl. a tutorial
  • Use a dropdown with defaults for the time accounting
  • Automatic time counter (read and work time)
  • "Real" Excel export incl. date and string format

+6 Wochen

Znuny 6.3.2

(exp. 2022-03-30)


+6 Wochen

Znuny 6.4.1

(exp. 2022-05-11)

ITSM/Service management

ITSM/Service management

  • New config item types
    1. CI
    2. CI attachment
    3. Priority
    4. Queue
    5. Service
    6. SLA
    7. State
    8. Type
    9. User
  • New dynamic field backend ConfigItem
  • Directly add a note to a linked ticket
  • Show customer CIs