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Znuny Professional Services

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork with long-term Support (LTS)


Znuny 7 - GUI Preview

Have a look at our refreshed design for Znuny 7. Have a look around and feel free to gather some impressions.

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Modern Authentication with Microsoft

We have added an explanation of the required steps to configure modern authentication, aka OAuth 2.0, for your Microsoft Office365 mailboxes. This includes the app registration in the Azure Portal and also the token configuration in Znuny.

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Visualize iCal in Ticket Details

Many times a user will invite a service agent to an appointment. As agents use a central e-mail address this appointment will be attached to the ticket as an appointment file. The details from the invitation can only be seen if you download it and opened the raw file or if you include it in a local calendar.

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Automatic Priority Increase

Requests are not like fine wine, they do not get better with age. Timely action is required to aid customers and their growing needs. Keep your priorities straight with Znuny and automatic priority increase.

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Postmaster Filter Capture Groups

Why sort mails manually when not necessary? Do you have a pre-defined subject, sender, or email header? Let the Postmaster Filter work for you. Presort incoming emails by filtering and capturing data directly from email forms or other templated emails.

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Vacation Calendar Automation

Maintaining calendars and planning vacation can be a chore. Using simple features included in the upcoming Znuny 6.3, you can get your vacation planing on track. Your team will always be notified of when vacation's are planned.

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Insights - 6 | 12 | 17 | 10

It is now 4 months ago that we maintain our fork. And we are very proud of what we have achieved since then.

The numbers in the headline are describing the activities of the last weeks since our last release: 6.0.33.

  • 6 contributors
  • 12 new GitHub stars
  • 17 merged pull requests
  • 10 active issues

Even at the forum we got more and more active users and an increasing amount of new posts.

Life is returning to the community, after years not being able to actively participate in this open-source project.

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Crazy times

What we have experienced in the last weeks can be described as a crazy ride on a roller coaster.

From the first announcement that the community edition of OTRS in version 6 is end-of-life, the decision to create our own LTS variant to ensure continued support for our customers and the community and about the announcement of the original vendor to completely withdraw from the Open Source environment and to disable all repositories on GitHub and download servers.

Suddenly we are now a vendor, and former competitors working now together with us. A huge change in just 3 months.

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Why we forked

In April 2018 OTRS AG announced (LINK 1) a change to the release strategy for the product OTRS, for which Znuny GmbH predominantly offers services.

The previously publicly-available product OTRS, consisting of OTRS and the OTRS Business Solution, was rebranded and renamed “OTRS” and “((OTRS)) Community Edition”, respectively.

The branch that formerly operated as “Business Edition” would move forward as “OTRS”. This change took place with the release of OTRS 7 on November 18, 2018.

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