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Impress your customer with language based request routing

Globalization makes multilingual support more crucial than ever. Where other tools rely on AI for processing user language, Znuny uses the customer's preferred language to sort the ticket with minimal setup and no external services required.

Welcome to our Tuesday Tidbit #3: DynamicFieldFrom* Mapping.

Znuny uses LDAP or relational databases as a source for customer user data. Based on the customer user data provided to Znuny, it's possible to consider the users' language when sorting tickets. This allows your agents to get tickets pre-sorted, based on the users' language choice, with minimal configuration. The customer data is stored in the customer user data record. The system configuration options can quickly store this information on the ticket.

Map customer user values with these system configuration settings:



Map customer values with these settings:



By activating the EventModulePost, the configured attributes from the left side (key) will be copied to the dynamic fields on the right side. This happens when a ticket is created or a customer user is set.

You will save routing information to the ticket. This can be used by the generic agent at ticket creation to sort the ticket into the correct queue.

Not only will all incoming emails associated with the customer user record be automatically sorted, but newly created tickets by agents will be quickly sorted to the correct queue for service by the appropriate language agent.

Other applications include sorting very important people. Not only that, but the generic agent can react to customer updates, as the data field will be updated with each update of the customer user.


Mapping information from the customer user or company to the ticket will allow you a more powerful routing and workflow control over tickets.