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Znuny Professional Services

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork with long-term Support (LTS)

Release Znuny 6.2.1 & Znuny LTS 6.0.38

More Process Management

On October 27, 2021 our 2nd release of Znuny with new features and
a patchlevel release of Znuny LTS has been published.
Besides that Znuny LTS 6.0.38 comes with some bug fixes and smaller changes
we added new features to Znuny 6.2.
This time focused on process management and support for processes.

We added new transition actions which help you to solve more complex
tasks and automation issues.
Besides other features like a helper for transition action parameter, new comparison types
for transaction conditions we added transition action modules like:

  • Creating entries in an Appointment Calendar (AppointmentCreate)
  • Updating Configuration Items (ConfigItemUpdate)
  • Counting with dynamic fields by incrementing (DynamicFieldIncrement)
  • Set the pending time based dynamic field (DynamicFieldPendingTimeSet)
  • Remove a dynamic field frm a ticket(DynamicFieldRemove)
  • Link objects (LinkAdd)
  • Create and send an article by e-mail (TicketArticleSend)
  • Manage a ticket's watcher (TicketWatchSet)

Find more details on these features and how to use them in the documentation.

We also integrated one of our most beloved add-ons to give you the possibility
to create relations between ticket attributes.
It helps you to create simple relations or complex Q&A scenarios.
This works in all common screens available and process management.

Read the documentation
how to use this feature.

Many of the new features were provide to us throught pull requests.
We like to mention especially for their efforts:

  • Sector Nord - process management, new event, and more
  • Kevin Jansen - generic interface operation
  • Renée Bäcker - calendar weeks for the date picker
  • maxence - enhanced support for password manager

and all other users which reported issues and provided fixes and changes.

Many thanks also at this point, from the whole team, for the numerous positive feedback that we have received
has reached through a wide variety of channels.

We are available for questions or feedback via the usual channels:

Notes on upgrading to Znuny 6.2

Anyone upgrading from ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6 or Znuny LTS mustt follow the upgrade path:
please install version 6.1 first, then version 6.2.
Details are described in the documentation.

Users who update from OTRS or ((OTRS)) Community Edition <Version 6 must first update to ((OTRS)) Community Edition Version 6 or Znuny LTS and may then switch to Znuny.

Existing add-ons must be provided by the respective provider / manufacturer for version 6.2. There is a good chance that they can be migrated without hard workd. Due to their structure, add-ons for versions earlier than 6.2 cannot simply be installed.
It is requied to check first the availability and, if necessary, update the extensions.

Your Znuny Team

Have fun and enjoy the new release.