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Znuny Professional Services

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork with long-term Support (LTS)

Welcome Znuny 7

Almost one year has passed to this day since the actual work on Znuny 7 began. This does not include the six months of preliminary work that went into brainstorming, analysis, and prototyping.

The goal was to use the existing software and architecture and still architecture and still maintain a fresh look and feel was very ambitious and was only achieved with our team and partner, Forwwward Consulting.

It is safe to state here: We have all grown with this project.

Balancing the existing user base expectations with that of new users and "external" demands on the software was the biggest and most and most exciting challenge.

Simply put: Starting from scratch would have been much more manageable.

What have we achieved? What is the status?

The agent front-end has modernized and freshened while remaining loyal to the existing structure where applicable. We focused on keeping things familiar to reduce your effort and expenses of employee training.
Everyone who has ever used a Znuny before version 7, or the previous product ((OTRS)) Community Edition, will feel at home without any problems.

A bold 70% redesign of the customer interface to make it more modern, engaging, and functional has been implemented, with many features yet in store before its final design has been reached. Furthermore, here recognition value was consciously kept high while allowing for a much fresher design.

The add-ons ITSM and FAQ have already been ported and will be available soon, with many more add-ons to follow during the Q2 of 2023.

We have created a technical basis that should make it easier for us and other developers to make to facilitate customizations in the future.

For this purpose, a catalog of components will be published, giving an overview of all elements and how they can/should be used.

Besides the CSS adjustments, most GUI tests have already been updated and are executable.

What still needs to be done?

The list of to-dos is still long.

The documentation for version 7 still has gaps and will be completed piece by piece.

The list of compatible add-ons is currently limited to FAQ and ITSM. More public add-ons will follow.

Our focus presently is to identify any issues that exist. For this, we need sufficient resources. Here we are also dependent on your feedback. We can rely on our own GUI tests, but they only cover some of the possibilities and cannot cover rare system configuration settings.

First releases bring new challenges. So be kind and report issues you may find. We appreciate any qualified reports.

As issues are sure to exist, we have set a release cycle of about two weeks for the first period.

Note: This is not an LTS release and will take some time to mature fully. Users of custom development should assume not all packages (from other vendors and us) will be immediately available and issue-free.

Regardless of this warning, the standard functions should work without significant incidents. We recommend this to all new and interested users who can quickly and flexibly update their systems and have a low add-on requirement.

Please consider using our GitHub repo and create issues only this way. We can process the reports quickly and save on duplicates.

Finally, a personal thanks to:

  • Eduardo (Forwwward)
  • Tatijana (Forwwward)
  • Beatriz (Forwwward)
  • Shawn (Znuny)
  • Denny (Znuny)

With you and your commitment, Znuny 7 was possible.