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Der ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork mit Langzeit-Support (LTS)


Harmonizing Service Desk Efficiency Amidst Concurrent Operations

A race condition occurs in computer science when the behavior or outcome of a system depends on the timing or sequence of events. It typically happens in concurrent or multithreaded programs, where multiple processes or threads attempt to access and manipulate shared resources simultaneously.

In a service desk scenario where multiple agents might be accessing and updating requests or data concurrently, preventing human race conditions is why we invented Znuny. It is crucial to maintain communication integrity and ensure smooth operations.


Process Interfacing: Streamlining Service Requests

If you want to improve your service desk performance, you need to implement cross-departmental interfaces into your processes. Process interfaces are the connections between different processes that run simultaneously or sequentially across different teams or departments.


Turbocharge DevOps: Integrating GitHub Into Your Service Desk

Today, developers, particularly those in DevOps, rely heavily on platforms like GitLab or GitHub for software distribution and maintenance. These tools streamline the process, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. One of the benefits of using GitHub as a platform for software development is that it allows you to integrate various tools and services to enhance your workflow and productivity. One of these tools is the service desk! Enable customer request management by enriching requests with data from a GitHub repository!


Mastering Znuny CLI: Mail Filters and Routing Testing

In the realm of system administration, efficiency is paramount. Embracing the power of the command line interface (CLI) can be a game-changer for administrators. Not only does it offer speed and resource efficiency, but it also provides a robust platform for scripting and automation. In this guide, we delve deeper into the world of Znuny CLI, focusing on testing mail filters and routing. Discover how this versatile tool can streamline your operations and elevate your administration prowess.


Maximizing Productivity: Navigating the Auto-Response Abyss

In our fast-paced digital age, we've all experienced the frustration of encountering auto-responses that seem to lead us in circles, wasting precious time and causing unnecessary delays. Whether it's the ubiquitous "Out of Office" email or other automated responses, these well-intentioned features can inadvertently become productivity pitfalls. Say goodbye to the auto-response abyss and hello to streamlined communication, with the freely available Znuny-OutOfOfficeFilter.


Are you sending the correct signals?

Say goodbye to manual struggle and hello to a seamless, automated customer service experience! Znuny empowers businesses to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction by harnessing the power of processes. Learn about signal start events and how they can help your organization.


Turbocharge Your Service Desk: Mastering Search Profiles!

Maintaining efficient service desk operations is crucial in today's fast-paced business landscape, especially in remote work environments. One powerful tool that can significantly enhance your team's productivity and customer satisfaction is the Znuny add-on - Dashboard Widget Search Profiles. This innovative feature enables seamless collaboration among agents by allowing them to share customized search profiles. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the installation and utilization of this add-on and explore the myriad benefits it brings to your service desk operations.


Size does Matter: When just one instance won't do!

"Once You Pop You Can't Stop" is an iconic tagline that has been used by several snack brands to promote their products. This catchy phrase refers to the irresistible feeling of craving that occurs after the first bite of a crispy and flavorful snack. In this same way, Znuny becomes an irreplaceable system in your organization. As this happens, more and more departments may decide they want to join the party. This is when you make the decision, integrate or segregate.


Keep shareholders informed with this pro tip.

When recording a process, you have an initial reporter. This limitation is now gone with this one pro tip! Use this trick to add one or multiple addresses to an initial process dialog so that the resulting article will provide for a "Reply to all" to be used. Save time and resources today!


Non-IT Incidents: A Holistic Service Approach

When we think about incident reporting, the first association is often with IT-related disruptions. However, incident reporting holds equal significance for non-IT incidents that can occur in various aspects of an organization's operations. From workplace accidents to customer service mishaps, non-IT incidents demand a structured approach to reporting and resolution. Let's explore the positive and negative impacts of incident reporting in non-IT contexts.


Improving Customer Service: Tracking Ticket Transfers and Enhancing Satisfaction

Tracking how often a customer is passed on to other departments can help businesses identify areas where they can improve customer service. It can also help businesses identify which departments are struggling to meet customer needs and which are excelling. By tracking this metric, businesses can take steps to improve their customer service and ensure that customers are satisfied with their experience. Let Znuny help you with the “Hot Potato” web service.


Pop the Question!

Decisions are required daily, whether it is access, something financial, a policy, or just a change in your infrastructure. It is time-consuming to prepare the details for the decision-makers. And then, the next hurdle is there: waiting for the approval.

For these situations and others, we created our TicketApproval add-on to make life for all of us more convenient.


Monitoring Your Znuny Ticketsystem - Part I

Like with every other application, it's essential to know how your Znuny instance is doing. Besides the technical health of the server that your Linux administrators should be aware of, there are more things to check for when running a Znuny instance.
We use Icinga2 to monitor our infrastructure, internal development server, and hosted Znuny instances. There are many other monitoring systems like Nagios, CheckMK, etc. It does not matter which one you use, but it matters that you use one.


Taking Ownership: The Secret to Success in Today’s Workplace

What does it mean to take ownership of your work? Taking ownership means being responsible for your actions, decisions, and results. It means being accountable for the quality and outcome of your work, whether it is good or bad. It also means being proactive in finding solutions to problems, seeking feedback, and improving yourself. Let Znuny help you be successful by taking ownership.


Never create another report.

Reporting can be a hassle, so let Znuny help you automate this task. Generate reporting data that anyone can use and requires no additional reoccurring action on your side.


Organizing your workday

Your organization offers an overgrowing pallet of services. Customers of your organization rely increasingly on specialists who are capable and willing to manage their requests. Large international teams, mall decentralized offices and agile teams with many roles per individual: All of these require flexible, reliable and self-sufficiency. Znuny's Agent Dashboard, is the start of a well-organized day.


Revolutionize your experience with queue preferences

Your service desk is a treasure trove of data about teams, customers, services, service-level agreements, and so forth. Enhance your experience by adding queue preferences, which allow your administrator to record important information related to your queues.


Customer Portal: Make Your Department Customer Friendly

Internal naming conventions become more cryptic, the larger your organization gets. It mustn't even be international growth which drives your organization to using such names HHN_XHR-DevOP3.. Znuny has the solution, to get your customers to the right department using the customer portal.


Customer Portal

The customer portal is a top feature that your customer users will love. E-mail is a great way to channel customer service requests into your service desk, and Znuny is great with E-Mail. Did you know that Znuny has a customer portal, which is ready to use and brand out of the box?


Detour with Znuny 7

Der Wandel ist konstant, und bei einem Software-Rebranding ist es offensichtlich, dass Veränderungen stattfinden müssen. Nach dem Upgrade auf Znuny 7 ist oft noch ein Problem möglicherweisengelöst: Wie wird mit Links für Kundenbenutzer und Agenten umgegangen, die vor dem Upgrade erzeugtx wurden.


Welcome Znuny 7

Fast genau ein Jahr ist es her, dass die eigentlichen Arbeiten an Znuny 7 begonnen haben. Nicht eingerechnet sind die sechs Monate Vorarbeit, die in Ideen, Analysen und Prototypen geflossen sind.


Das neue Release von Znuny LTS

Goodbye Znuny LTS 6.0 und willkommen Znuny LTS 6.5.

Nach langer Zeit der Entwicklung sind wir stolz darauf, das zweite Long Term Support Release für die Produktfamilie Znuny zu veröffentlichen. In dieser LTS-Version haben wir neue Funktionen integriert und die Codebasis weiter verbessert.
Znuny LTS 6.5 wird von uns wieder für zwei Jahre mit Aktualisierungen (Bugfixes & Security) versorgt.


Znuny 7 Preview Repository

Du bist herzlich eingeladen, die Znuny 7 Preview Version herunterzuladen und auszuprobieren. Wir haben zu diesem Zweck ein neues Repository in unserem Gitlab eingerichtet. Bitte lies unbedingt die README, bevor du die Software benutzt, da es sich um eine eingeschränkte Version handelt.

Wir freuen uns über jedes Feedback, das du uns über das Erstellen von Issues im Znuny 7 Preview Repo zukommen lassen kannst.


State of the union: Znuny 7 / Search API

Wir entschuldigen uns für die Stille in den letzten Wochen. Wie immer haben wir dafür einen guten Grund.
Wir waren mit der Vorbereitung der Znuny 7 GUI Vorschau und der neuen Search API Beta beschäftigt.
Lesen Sie mehr über die Znuny 7 GUI-Vorschau in unserem Blog.


Znuny 6.4.4 and LTS 6.0.47

Die neuesten Versionen von Znuny stehen jetzt zum Download bereit. Diese Versionen bringen einige kleinere Features, Änderungen Update-Skript und Fehlerkorrekturen.


Modern Authentication with Microsoft

We have added an explanation of the required steps to configure modern authentication, aka OAuth 2.0, for your Microsoft Office365 mailboxes. This includes the app registration in the Azure Portal and also the token configuration in Znuny.


Visualize iCal in Ticket Details

Many times a user will invite a service agent to an appointment. As agents use a central e-mail address this appointment will be attached to the ticket as an appointment file. The details from the invitation can only be seen if you download it and opened the raw file or if you include it in a local calendar.


Automatic Priority Increase

Requests are not like fine wine, they do not get better with age. Timely action is required to aid customers and their growing needs. Keep your priorities straight with Znuny and automatic priority increase.


Postmaster Filter Capture Groups

Why sort mails manually when not necessary? Do you have a pre-defined subject, sender, or email header? Let the Postmaster Filter work for you. Presort incoming emails by filtering and capturing data directly from email forms or other templated emails.


Vacation Calendar Automation

Maintaining calendars and planning vacation can be a chore. Using simple features included in the upcoming Znuny 6.3, you can get your vacation planing on track. Your team will always be notified of when vacation's are planned.


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Knapp 4 Monate betreuen wir jetzt schon unseren Fork.
Und wir sind sehr stolz auf das Erreichte.

Die im Titel genannten Zahlen beschreiben die Aktivitäten
des letzten Monats(!), also nur seit dem letzten Release - 6.0.33.

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Eine verrückte Zeit

Was wir in den letzten Wochen erlebt haben kann man ruhig als eine verrückte Fahrt in einer Achterbahn beschreiben.

Über die erste Ankündigung, dass die Community Edition von OTRS in Version 6 end-of-life ist
und dem Entscheid, dass wir eine eigene LTS Variante erstellen, um den Support für unsere Kunden und die Community weiterhin sicherzustellen …

Über die Ankündigung des ursprünglichen Herstellers sich komplett aus dem Open Source Umfeld zurück zu ziehen und alle Repositories auf GitHub und Download Server zu deaktivieren. Hin zu dem Punkt, dass wir auf einmal "Hersteller" sind und direkte Konkurrenten zu Markbegleitern wurden, liegen gerade einmal 3 Monate.


Warum wir geforked haben.

Im April 2018 hat die OTRS AG angekündigt (LINK 1),die Release-Strategie für das Produkt OTRS zu ändern, für das die Znuny GmbH hauptsächlich Dienstleistungen anbietet.

Das bisher öffentlich verfügbare Produkt OTRS, bestehend aus OTRS und der OTRS-Business-Solution, erhielt ein Re-Branding und wurde in "OTRS" bzw. "((OTRS)) Community Edition" umbenannt. Der zuvor als "Business Edition" betriebene Zweig wird als "OTRS" weitergeführt. Diese Änderung griff mit dem Release von OTRS 7 am 18.11.2018.