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Make the Jump to Excellent Service Desk Performance

As a service desk manager, you know how important it is to provide fast, efficient, and reliable customer support. But did you know that one of the critical factors affecting your service desk performance is the availability of resources for your employees? See why this is important.

Resources are any tools, information, training, or guidance that can help your employees perform their tasks better, solve problems faster, and deliver higher-quality service. Some examples of resources are:

  • Knowledge bases and FAQs that contain answers to common customer questions and issues
  • Documentation and manuals that explain how to use your products or services
  • Troubleshooting guides and checklists that help diagnose and resolve technical issues
  • Training courses and webinars that teach new skills and best practices
  • Feedback and coaching sessions that provide constructive and actionable advice
  • Recognition and rewards programs that motivate and incentivize your employees

By making these resources available to your employees, you can improve your service desk in several ways:

  • You can reduce the time and effort required to handle customer requests, as your employees can find the answers they need quickly and easily
  • You can increase the accuracy and consistency of your responses, as your employees can follow standardized procedures and guidelines
  • You can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, as your employees can provide more professional, helpful, and friendly service
  • You can lower employee turnover and absenteeism, as your employees can feel more confident, competent, and valued in their roles

So, how can you ensure your employees have access to the resources they need? Here are some tips:

  • Identify the gaps and needs of your employees. Ask them what kind of resources they would like, what challenges they face, what skills they want to improve, etc.
  • Create and update the resources regularly. Use various formats (text, video, audio, etc.) to suit different learning styles and preferences. Include relevant examples, screenshots, diagrams, etc., to make the resources more engaging and easily understood.

Promote and encourage the use of the resources by adding the freely available Znuny-ExternalURLJump to your system via our package manager. Communicate the benefits and value of the resources to your employees. Once installed, the Znuny administrator can quickly provide links to resources in and outside your organization.

Self-Configured Menu

Additionally, you can configure a menu of resources in the customer portal.

In addition, the links can also include system variables, for advanced link configuration. Some are found here:


By following these steps, and adding the feature to your system, you can create a culture of learning and improvement in your service desk. You can empower your employees with the resources they need to succeed in their roles. And you can boost your service desk performance before increasing the manpower.