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Znuny Professional Services

Der ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork mit Langzeit-Support (LTS)


# Name CVE Severity Date
ZSA-2021-10 Access to calendars without permission CVE-2021-36091 low 2021-08-05
ZSA-2021-10 XSS Vulnerability - low 2021-09-29
ZSA-2021-09 Unauthorized listing of the customer user emails CVE-2021-21443 low 2021-08-05
ZSA-2021-08 Support bundle includes SMIME / PGP Keys CVE-2021-21440 medium 2021-08-05
ZSA-2021-07 XSS vulnerability in Time Accounting addon CVE-2021-21442 medium 2021-08-04
ZSA-2021-06 Critical XSS vulnerability Pending high 2021-04-21
ZSA-2021-05 FAQ content can be shown to users without permission CVE-2021-21438 low 2021-04-21
ZSA-2021-04 XSS vulnerability CVE-2021-21434 low 2021-03-10
ZSA-2021-03 DoS - denial of service CVE-Pending medium 2021-03-10
ZSA-2021-02 ReDoS - Regular expression denial of service CVE-Pending medium 2021-01-29
ZSA-2021-01 XSS Vulnerability CVE-2018-17960 low 2021-01-27