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Turbocharge DevOps: Integrating GitHub Into Your Service Desk

Today, developers, particularly those in DevOps, rely heavily on platforms like GitLab or GitHub for software distribution and maintenance. These tools streamline the process, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. One of the benefits of using GitHub as a platform for software development is that it allows you to integrate various tools and services to enhance your workflow and productivity. One of these tools is the service desk! Enable customer request management by enriching requests with data from a GitHub repository!

By integrating GitHub information into your service desk, you can increase customer service performance in several ways. For example, you can:

  • Automatically create issues from customer emails and assign them to the relevant team members or projects.
  • Track the status and progress of customer requests and communicate with them through comments and labels.
  • Link customer issues to code changes, pull requests, releases, and other GitHub events to provide context and transparency.
  • Use templates, automation, and workflows to streamline your service desk operations and reduce manual work.
  • Analyze and report on your service desk metrics and performance using GitHub's built-in analytics or third-party tools.

Much of the information your service desk needs to record and classify requests for software is found in GitHub. Next to a list of software repositories, by simply accessing the GitHub Repositories API, you can get a list of all product versions for a specific product. The efficacy and quality of the service desk are quickly increased by adding affected software version information to your service requests. This allows your service desk employees to quickly reference the relevant documentation and troubleshooting steps for the specific software version that you are using. By providing this information, you can reduce the time and effort required to resolve your issues and ensure that you receive the best possible support.

Let's configure your web service to access the desired product repository.

Web Service Invoker

Add dynamic field of type web service:

Dynamic Field Webservice

Get access to the current version tags available information. With a quick search, the data is added.

Agent Freetext Search

Link directly to changelogs:

Include the download link to a specific target version:

If you like to try it yourself, we have the configuration for you to download - import first the web service, then the dynamic fields. Have fun!

This web service is just one simple implementation, and already, you have a massive win for your service desk. For more information, contact our community (Forums, Discord), or for commercial support you can contact us at our website.