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Highlight Excel Statistic Formatting

In the upcoming Znuny Version 6.3, you're able to format statistics individually, based upon your needs.

Key Features

Worksheet Name

  • Name the worksheet.

Freeze Panes

  • Set the row and column at which to freeze the panes.

Last Row

  • Format the totals row.

Column Width

  • Format the total column.

Text Formatting

  • Adjust many text properties.

Cell Formatting

  • Adjust many cell properties.

Border Formatting

  • Adjust border properties.

Formrating Highlights

✔️ Ticket Numbers - Numbers are shown as and treated as numbers. No ticket numbers in scientific notation.
✔️ Number Formatting - Easily change the format of a number to adjust reports for European and U.S. Numbering Formatts and Currency

Automatic Data Type Detection (per cell)

Proper data formatting of the following cells is automatic now.

✔️ URL
✔️ String
✔️ DateTime
✔️ Number

An Example

A standard Excel report in Znuny looks similar to this:


Using the available formatting options in 6.3, you can quickly go from Excel to Excel(lent).



You can layer your report formatting to have a default look and feel. Additionally, you can modify each report individulally to create a cascading style.

Get an Early Look

Znuny is free and open source. Get a sneak-peek and check out the source code to set up a bleeding-edge copy of Znuny directly from the development branch. An example file is ready to use, no extra configuration neccessary. Don't forget to install Hash::Merge! Have a great day. We'll be releasing more highlights soon.