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Znuny Professional Services

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork with long-term Support (LTS)

Welcome 2022

The Znuny team wishes all Znuny users a good start into the new year!

After the turn of the year, let's briefly look back at the year 2021.

Almost exactly a year ago we started Znuny as a community project with the aim the community around to catch up and revive the ((OTRS)) Community Edition.

With the help of the Znuny Long Term Support Version (LTS) we have created a simple alternative
to continue existing systems and add-ons.
This turn is where the strength of the community showed, and almost instantly we received the first pull requests and bug fixes.
Due to the increasing inquiries like "How to proceed?", we decided to release a “feature version” release under the name “Znuny”.

With the announcement of further developing Znuny beyond 2023, we also published the first road map, a preview of what to expect.

A variety of new features are already incorporated now and more new features are on the way.
In the meantime, Znuny reached version 6.2.2 with version 6.3 is just around the corner.

For 20222, we've already planned two new feature. (dates to follow)

After years of stagnation, active life is returning to the community. To further support this, we have had a dedicated Community Manager since November 2021.

Shawn takes care of all community concerns and is the first point of contact for Znuny-related issues.

"Out with the old, in with the new."

After sorting and aligning ourselves a bit, the development of Znuny continues in 2022.

The focus here is on the topic of “laying a good foundation” and preparing for the future.

We also tackle long-awaited topics such as:

  • Search improvement
  • UI overhaul
  • Performance improvements

In the course of the expansion, a new internal API is coming. Gradually, expansion of this provides developers better ways to extend Znuny.

To make it easier for developers to develop customizations for Znuny we are currently updating
our developer documentation and the Contribution Guidelines. The aim of these adjustments is
to give every developer the tools and descriptions he needs.
There are, of course, many more topics on the list to be reflected in future road maps.

Road maps are coming in late February.

For all topics, however, we follow the approach:

"in small steps to the goal".

We won't publish "Big Bang"-releases, fundamentally and irreversibly changing things immediately. Consistency vs. Wow-effect.

The user interface, in particular, is complex and requires some sensitivity. After a long search
and many cancellations, we are working with an external agency since November
planned to accompany us over the next few years. It helps us to adapt the GUI evolutionarily over time
and to modernize.

We thank you for your trust in our work and look forward to an exciting 2022.