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Unlocking Efficiency: The Power of Multi-category Templates

Effective communication is critical in today's fast-paced business environment. Whether you're reaching out to clients, colleagues, or team members, having a streamlined, straightforward, and informative communication process can significantly boost productivity. That's where multi-category templates come into play.

Why Templates Matter

  • Consistency: Imagine having a consistent tone and messaging across all your communications. Templates ensure that your brand voice remains uniform, reinforcing professionalism and trust.
  • Time Savings: Crafting communication from scratch takes time. With templates, you can skip the repetitive parts and focus on tailoring the content to specific recipients.
  • Error Reduction: Templates, combined with system placeholders to populate data, minimize the risk of errors. You won't accidentally omit crucial information or send incomplete or incorrect data.
  • Customization: While templates provide a foundation, they're not rigid. You can personalize each template by adding specific details relevant to the recipient using snippets.

    Types for Templates

  • Phone: Take a note during a phone call.
  • Create: Predefined text when creating a ticket per telephone call or proactively opening a ticket per email.
  • Email: You can include third parties or craft a new email unrelated to the previous communications but still relevant to the ticket.
  • Answer: Responding to a previous communication from the customer.
  • Forward: Forwarding the issue, including attachments, to another person.
  • Note: Creating a note on the ticket.
  • Process Management: Used in communication elements within processes.
  • Snippet: Short, repeatable texts are used when composing text in other templates during communication.

Starting in version 7.1, you can now assign templates to multiple types.

This new feature prevents having to duplicate texts, which should be used in various masks within the system. Read more about templates in the documentation.

Remember, the goal isn't to sound robotic—templates are merely a starting point. Customize them to maintain authenticity while reaping the benefits of efficiency.