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More Bang for your Mail: Setting X-Priority E-mail Header in Znuny

The X-Priority email header is a valuable tool for indicating the priority of an email message. With this new feature in Znuny 7.1, agents can now easily set the X-Priority header when composing or sending an email, ensuring that important messages receive the attention they deserve.

Setting the X-Priority email header signals the recipients, using email clients supporting this feature, about time-sensitive or critical correspondence.

To begin using this feature, the admin must enable it via a system configuration and define the mapping. The header can be set to 1,2,3,4 or 5. Each of the five possible values should have a possible value; if the mapping of a value is not done, the X-Priority header can be omitted. Each system priority can be individually assigned to the X-Priority header. An individual configuration option exists for priority mapping of agent and system emails.


The ability to set the X-Priority email header reflects our commitment to providing our users with comprehensive and customizable tools for effective email management. We believe this feature will further streamline the communication process for our agents, leading to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing our system. We are excited to continue providing you with innovative features and top-notch functionality to support your professional endeavors.