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The ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork with long-term Support (LTS)

Crazy times

What we have experienced in the last weeks can be described as a crazy ride on a roller coaster.

From the first announcement that the community edition of OTRS in version 6 is end-of-life, the decision to create our own LTS variant to ensure continued support for our customers and the community and about the announcement of the original vendor to completely withdraw from the Open Source environment and to disable all repositories on GitHub and download servers.**

Suddenly we are now a vendor, and former competitors working now together with us. A huge change in just 3 months.

All of a sudden we have a product and are planning a future that we had no idea about 3 months ago. Did anybody say open source would be boring?

It's amazing how quickly the ecosystem is growing around us. The announcement to keep the OTRS Community Edition alive with the help of a fork was met with a lot of positive feedback. We receive support from all directions. This includes the open source community, the security community, companies that support their own customers with large and small projects.

This feedback convinced us to make a decision: we will provide more than just our LTS fork. By the end of April we will publish a roadmap for the next steps and describe the future of the new Znuny version.

The LTS fork will remain as promised and will be maintained until the end of 2022. However, in July we start an additional branch which will contain new features and will be maintained in addition to the LTS fork.

This branch will then be constantly developed further and thus ensures the continued existence of the software beyond the year 2022.

We are supported by the decision of many new and old partners to rely on our fork. The resulting alliance supports us technically and organizationally. Energy is thus concentrated and not wasted in red tape.


We would like to thank all our supporters on GitHub, our customers, partners, the community on the forum and all the other people who put their trust in us.

Your Znuny team

** If you experience any problems or it takes a long time when using the package manager check https://github.com/znuny/Znuny/wiki/Updated-settings-for-the-package-manager