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Znuny Professional Services

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork with long-term Support (LTS)

FAQ & ITSM Configuration Management for Znuny 7 available

Add-ons make an already great software, even better. With the announcement of Znuny 7, we've heard many great things and are happy to address the issue of add-ons with today's release of the first public add-ons for Znuny 7.

We're happy to release the following add-ons today:

ITSMCore - The basis module for the ITSM add-ons. It also includes many features such as service categories, criticality and the service view.

ITSMConfigurationManagement - Create CI classes and record valuable data about your company's assets, infrastructure, etc. Assign states to indicate issues with hosts which could affect services. Assign assets to users to know precisely the configuration of their software and hardware when assisting them.

FAQ – The knowledge base module for Znuny. Create category-based articles for your agents, customer users, and the public. Use the approval system to ensure checks and balances and only provide your users with the best quality and most updated knowledge. Use the keywords "??" and the search term "??windows" to get autocompletion recommendations for your articles. When creating tickets, your initial request searches the keywords of articles to offer a user helpful articles.

Keep your eyes open for the newest releases in the online repository.