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Znuny Professional Services

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork with long-term Support (LTS)


Znuny 7.0.11 (2023-09-20)

This release contains fixes for bugs and small improvements.


Typ / URL MD5 Summe
Source .tar.gz 576618f940da82e9fbe7176ab72c2e4d
Source .bz2 2473c5adfc6ccf041e9f10fbf8354869
Source .zip 9166c7ddb3ad375778b73dd7ddabb331
RPM RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 d2d3bccf1418b78a7fda48b569a0880d
RPM SuSE 12 22dc97e64ab32ab2c6c2f6e4a529bd3b
RPM SuSE 13 a0601d60867235bf93e05001c5060523
RPM Fedora 25 bd40a71bafd2bee183b298a7a15e5765
RPM Fedora 26 7f9987568a5563a4dd87fb435329dcfe
SRPM RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 dd6614132c4c8a0de6534c1f4a1d2499
SRPM SuSE 12 05fe777a0acc19f16881291f1947d72b
SRPM SuSE 13 0fa72d4d1a6d3135e88489ff25661432
SRPM Fedora 25 9ebb81f9fcb4dd1afb1650b590e6fd29
SRPM Fedora 26 ed6a59de2f376978d40eecc0a4474b69