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Znuny Professional Services

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork with long-term Support (LTS)


Znuny 7.0.6 (2023-06-14)

This release contains fixes for bugs and security vulnerabilities.


Typ / URL MD5 Summe
RPM RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 acd75eb8c8c92a05b4e5aa118bd105a5
RPM SuSE 13 c2e778ebc6aeed6cd8380a8da8677d3b
RPM SuSE 12 4b460cfebe3a80af65cf98fac303f423
RPM Fedora 26 191045218e0884591f0132829c8ba058
RPM Fedora 25 c8c8fb103df36342f57dcb6f56737126
SRPM RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 8a2d6167c557e902cb4b725e527996ea
SRPM SuSE 13 6c265cadb2226433fc2a10854c929ca7
SRPM SuSE 12 49446ced8f2882838e8de0f1ee51a563
SRPM Fedora 26 f239a1fd178658c6e76b6aaf2e498557
SRPM Fedora 25 78e1a1b05de3396203f07720cd2fdfc6
Source .zip 820ce0cd30aaf7f12ebe16797ca381e7
Source .bz2 474226f32c41497dfe82a7e7f704854a
Source .tar.gz 32ae8fee5ae1269c52d2851ea24b09f4