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Znuny Professional Services

Der ((OTRS)) Community Edition Fork mit Langzeit-Support (LTS)


Znuny 6.4.3 (2022-09-21)

This version of Znuny includes bug fixes and some minor features.


Typ / URL MD5 Summe
Source .tar.gz ac370a5a4cbd184b1f75a273ee892ba3
Source .bz2 9ff1fa3bd1200a2d3361f13e52168eea
Source .zip 380d28e11ef933a95ba1a51dfef559f0
RPM RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 f06e3db7c2f857482351f58b9a3fba79
RPM SuSE 12 3c1ee12fea66da8332fa8c7b360309f8
RPM SuSE 13 49d6be250a7c54dc2c4b167808725b5a
RPM Fedora 25 b81f218ef49748c2a5d294ebff8b2795
RPM Fedora 26 3d2da2041060cdcbf94a6608e30ce786
SRPM RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 e639a9860f64843f558e6183e1afc5bc
SRPM SuSE 12 76d3dec7069bcdae99d5c9e23b22ee61
SRPM SuSE 13 d7f6d74c422d0fb1adbddbe63ad0abaa
SRPM Fedora 25 32ebe45dfac145be73a68be6a100e892
SRPM Fedora 26 1a42db42b8308795109f1e2cd045945e